Bennu Bird

For years people in Raleigh have been searching for a place to find quality African american cultural arts events, activities and classes.  So a small committee of like minded individuals put the Bennu Cultural Renaissance Series together to meet the demand for adults and children of all ages.

We invite you to participate in the paid classes and  community activities and free community groups.  But don't keep it to yourself.  Now that you've found this, share it with others.


The Bennu Cultural Renaissance Series serves to celebrate and realize a majestic heritage past, prepare our people to thrive in the present and soar in the 21st century and beyond.

The realization will be actualized through events designed to infuse our community with the tools of artistic, creative, expressive, cultural & educational enlightenment.

Kemetic/Egyptian in origin, Bennu is the name of a particular and special ancient Kemetic bird.  This majestic bird flew over the land for 500 years spreading culture, arts and sciences for all to gather.  After 500 years, the Bennu made a nest from branches and leaves of the earth then fanned its wings over the nest until a fire rose from the pile.

The bird soared high over this pyre then plunged down into the raging inferno.  After a short time, from the ashes a new majestic Bennu bird emerged.  Flying high above the earth, the Bennu again spread the culture through the arts and sciences over the land for another 500 years.