Guided Meditation & Relaxation

Mawiyah Kambon



 Mawiyah Kambon, PhD, Nana Efia Asantewaa

is a licensed Psychologist and Priestess of the Akan tradition. She has served her community for over thirty years. Nana was President of the Association of Black Psychologists leading 500 professionals and families to Ghana in 2000. She co-leads (with her son) a Journey to Ghana, West Afrika yearly. She holds that meditation can be a powerful tool for healing when you are...
...unable to fall asleep or sleep through the night uninterrupted
...unable to concentrate
...lack confidence, self-esteem or cultural esteem or feel insecure
...troubled by incessant worrying about conversations, arguments, or just things on your to-do list
...bothered by the incessant need to replay things in your mind over that you sometimes should let go
...of the habit of moving at a mile an hour all day every day and only stop when you pass out from exhaustion
...aware that some things burn you up and now matter how hard you try you can't let it go need to give some time to reflect on a painful event, moment in time, or situation that you are still working through need of refreshing your mind so that you can become more alert, aware and responsive
…experiencing uncontrollable feelings of grief, anguish, stress, exhaustion, anger, regret, vengefulness, worry or other toxic emotions
...are seeking periods of balance or peace in your day and in your life

Time: Guided Meditation - Wednesdays 7 - 8PM

Course Methods
Breathing exercises
Therapeutic techniques and more

Mawiyah Kambon, PhD


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