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I love this class because everyone brings a different positive flavor to the mix & we have fun learning and growing and most importantly dancing together.



I like our group because we are all positive, like-minded sistahs that all want to become more culturally conscious through the art of dance and exercise.



The belly-dancing learning circle provides me with physical, mental, and emotional health through dance and the love of my Sistahs. 





I appreciate the Belly dance sessions because I've been interested in the activity for a few years but never found a class that appealed to me. At the Bennu Center, the class is more spiritually centering. I leave every week feeling refreshed, exercised, but never tired.


Don't be afraid to be AMAZING! Whosoever knoweth the power of dance, dwelleth in Harmony.



I joined because I have always wanted to learn how to belly dance and everything that came with it.  I wanted to meet and be around true sisters that I could talk to and learn new things from, as well as learn
things about me.






The Bennu Center Belly Dance Learning Circle *  (919) 827-6209  *  bellydance@bennucenter. com




Belly Dance Learning Circle

Meets Weekly Tuesdays



General Learning Session Format

10 minutes Warm up

20 minutes Drills

35 minutes Routines/Choreography

10 minutes Cool down/relaxation




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Bellydance Learning Circle Sessions




I leave every week feeling refreshed, exercised, but never tired.




We have created a bond through the power of music, movement and dance by tapping into our ancestral vibrations.

New members should join to empower themselves physically and at the same time share in the sistahoodness!!!


Official associate member of The Belly dancer of Color Association


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Belly dancing is such a beautiful and freeing dance and I never knew it was so much fun. I love the progress I've made as a dancer and the toning effects of the workout.


For all women sistahood is necessary as we all learn from one another; fellowship and belly-dancing provides an excellent formula for healing one's body, mind, and soul.



I love the group activities and field trips.  We always have so much fun with each other. When's the next one?